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Computerworld Australia has compiled a snapshot of the current state of consumer NBN plans and found that Harbour ISP provides the lowest cost plan.

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As part of it's community engagement plan, leading NBN Reseller, HarbourISP has committed to sponsor the Armidale Sports Council for the next 12 months.

Tags: ArmidaleNBNRollout

Throughout July, Harbour ISP will be launching its NBN fibre and fixed wireless services in the NSW country town of Armidale.

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NBN Co is offering the service to residents, small businesses and indigenous communities in rural and remote Australia without current access to broadband comparable to that available in cities.

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NBN Co today released more detailed eligibility criteria for potential rural and remote users of its Interim Satellite Service, confirming that, where high demand exists, first priority will be given to those people who have no access to alternate broadband services, subject to a service qualification process.
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