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NBN Sky Muster to Address the Digital Divide

The concept of living “the Outback” life is wonderful; spectacular natural scenery, friendly people, away from the rat race. However, life in the Aussie bush can be hard; if the isolation, droughts, fire and floods are not enough we have to put up with truly horrible internet. Most Australians do not realise how disadvantaged the…

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Up to 1100 dwellings in Gulgong will be able to connect to the Fibre to Node network from April. Gulgong residents will soon be eligible to receive some of the fastest connection speeds in the country when the nbn goes live with its Fibre to the Node technology from April. Up to 1100 dwellings in…

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NBN’s new Sky Muster satellite broadband offers outback users more horsepower. Australians in the outback are set to get a taste of high-speed broadband which is still out of reach for many city slickers. NBN’s Sky Muster communications satellite blasted into orbit in October, with plans to launch a second satellite later this year. Between…

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