Boost productivity whilst working from home!

Remote work arrangements are becoming the “new normal” but some find working from home more a little more challenging at times.

Did you know that a few quick tweaks to your home environment can help you work more efficiently from home? Read on!

Get the right device

The computer you use plays a big part in your output. Know how much memory your computer needs to store and share files and to run different programs. Entry level desktops and laptops will get you through but faster computers can cost a bit more because of the functionalities they offer. It’s worth doing your research here and getting the right device for you.

Get proper software

You might need special software or apps to get the job done right depending on your work. It’s best to talk to your company to check if these programs are installed on your work computer to save time and money from downloading or purchasing software.

Make your workspace clean and bright

An organized and tidy desk helps one concentrate on the tasks at hand. Aside from cleaning your desk, put a potted plant for a refreshing shade of green. Natural light also energises you whilst working so it’s best to position your desk where there is ample sunlight.

Remove distractions

Set up your workspace away from busy and noisy places; a quiet room is ideal for this purpose. There are ambient sound generators online that play natural sounds and office noise, making your space more conducive to work.

Get high-speed internet

Of course, a fast and dependable internet connection gets work done in no time. Get a dependable provider offering satellite internet plans bundled with unlimited data and reliable fibre internet plans to suit your household.

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Need support?

Delivering great customer service is important to us! We know it can be frustrating having issues with your internet, which is why we’ll always be friendly, responsive, and work hard to solve your problem as quickly and painlessly as possible.

“…they’re always friendly on the phone, there’s no dramas – everything can be done…”


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