Fast Broadband Significantly Impacted Employment in Regional Australia

The nbn™’s constant efforts to provide outstanding internet connection can be seen all throughout the country, and Regional Australia is not getting left behind. Users in the regional and rural areas are well-placed to take advantage of the economic and social benefits of the NBN Co’s efforts.

According to the Connecting Australia report, the rollout of faster and more reliable internet connection to various regional areas around the country has contributed positively to the lives of the residents there particularly in the employment aspect.

As per the report, the access network provided by nbn™ has helped create an estimated 1,750 additional jobs in regional Australia by the 2017 financial year and this employment impact is forecast to reach up to 20,000 jobs by FY21.

Working from home has also been a rising trend, as it gives people the leisure to do work without leaving the comfort of their homes. Significant growth in people working from home was seen in regional areas with access to the nbn™’s access network.

Businesses and SMEs in the regional and rural areas have also been positively impacted by the nbn™’s access network. Proof of this is the growth of new businesses in regions connected to the access network, with a pace twice as fast as the national average.

But what is worth noting in all of this information is the increase in the number of women choosing to be their own boss in regions connected to the nbn™’s access network. According to nbn™’s blog post, “The growth in the number of self-employed women is twice as high as the average growth of self-employment (of both men and women), and 23 times higher than growth in self-employment by women in non nbn™-connected regions.”

NBN Co has Harbour ISP’s full support in bringing more upgrades and new services for regional and rural Australia, further decreasing the gap and bridging the digital divide.

As the regional rollout nears its completion, we look forward to more news of positive results and success stories brought about by fast broadband.

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