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NBN Sky Muster to Address the Digital Divide

The concept of living “the Outback” life is wonderful; spectacular natural scenery, friendly people, away from the rat race. However, life in the Aussie bush can be hard; if the isolation, droughts, fire and floods are not enough we have to put up with truly horrible internet.

Most Australians do not realise how disadvantaged the people in regional centres and the outback have been with internet. Patchy mobile and internet service and while existing Satellite services are a step up from the old dial up service, it’s just not up to scratch. Imagine uploading pictures on facebook on Satellite it could take you 30-60 minutes!… pretty frustrating.

But there’s hope.

Sky Muster, the first of two custom made 6.4 Tonne NBN™ satellites, 3 years in the making, costing half a billion dollars each, was launched into space from French Guiana and will soon beam internet down to the 400,000 Australian homes and businesses that are too remote for the Fixed Wireless and Wired NBN™ to reach.

The new satellites will have a total capacity of 135GB per second, more than 33 times current services, and promise peak download speeds of up to 25Mbps, this is not only comparable to broadband speeds in urban areas but exceeds it in many cases.

So if you think about it, this new satellite will be even better internet service than towns and urban centres can get today on ADSL. This is a massive improvement allowing people to gain access to a range of services from education to health to business and community services, as well as entertainment. (Skype catch-ups without buffers, Yes!)

NBN™ CEO Bill Morrow said the satellite will provide access to fast broadband for the parts of Australia that need it most.

“With the launch of

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull even describes the satellite service as a “game changer” for those living in the bush, which will help bridge the digital divide.

There are some people who are still skeptical that the game will not change all that much, that the service may not be as fast as promised, or that it’ll be too expensive. However, plans are up on the Harbour ISP website so you can compare to your existing plans, the prices are better, the speeds are faster and the amount of downloads allowed have increased. Testing is underway with Harbour ISP taking the lead in getting its customers on the testing platform. The test satellite at our Mudgee head office is getting speeds up to 23 mpbs even in the first early days of testing.

So how long before the service is ready?

The service is scheduled to start by the end of 1st quarter 2016.

So you can have a much better satellite service as soon as they complete testing and open up the installation of the many thousands of people who have already signed up for the new service.

The best way to find out if you are eligible and to get into the queue (there will be limited numbers installed each month due to the initial high demand) is to get your application form into Harbour ISP ASAP.

To register your interest or to complete an online application visit; or call Harbour ISP today 1300 366 169 and we can talk you through the process.

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