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Outback Stores: Harbour ISP Assisting Great Community Initiatives

To make a positive difference in the health, employment, and economy of remote Indigenous communities, by providing quality, sustainable retail stores.

This has been the mission statement of Outback Stores since its foundation back in November 2006; a group of retailers from mainstream retail businesses with the support of Indigenous Business Australia.

Currently, Outback Stores manages a total of 38 stores across Australia. They provide a management service to remote Indigenous communities, where the local community organisation owns the store and profits are returned to the community.

Stable internet access is very crucial in running a successful retail business. Being one of the very few food-and-vital supplies sources in remote Australia and their stores located in far-off areas, getting internet or data service had been a challenge for most of the Outback Stores locations. The business relies heavily on internet access and an outage means the store closes for trade.

With the store’s operation on the line, the risk of an outage is too big to overlook. Harbour ISP partnered with Outback Stores and provided NBN satellite services to all of their stores. This resulted to better communications, operations, and most importantly, satisfied customers.

Harbour ISP’s priority is to ensure the best possible technology experience and provide priority support to Outback stores when assistance is needed.

“Harbour ISP has taken the time to understand the nature of our business. When we have an outage, we get the focus required to resolve the issues,” shared Peter Roebers of Outback Stores. “By using Harbour ISP’s NBN services and making other changes to our network, we have lifted average reliability to approximately 98%.”

The very core of Harbour ISP has always been its customers, taking pride in providing the best possible customer service and experience to its clients, both residential and business. It’s been a wonderful initiative working with Outback stores and we hope to assist many more similar businesses in the further.

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