nbn™ Sky Muster Plus is about to blast-off in two weeks!

The latest nbn technology is set to be available to the general public on 9th August.

Several internet service providers offering nbn’s Sky Muster have done a trial of the new service with around 50 of their existing customers.

During the trial, the speed test results averaged 43Mbps, and in some cases even exceeded 50Mbps. It is important to note, however, that the actual data speed will only be identified once  the service goes live. Nevertheless, it is said to offer a significant speed boost over the standard Sky Muster satellite service.

What to look forward to

Unmetered content. One of the most anticipated features of the Sky Muster Plus is it’s unmetered content. This will allow users to browse, e-mail, and update popular operating systems without  them being counted towards their monthly data allowances. This means customers can make better use of their data allocations!

Speed bursts. As discussed above, the Sky Muster Plus packs a higher speed boost over its predecessor (Sky Muster).

Peace of mind

With Sky Muster Plus’s unmetered content and speed bursts, internet connection will be one thing less to worry about! Harbour ISP, which is rooted in Regional Australia, will proudly offer the service starting 9th of August. With competitive offers and great value plans, Harbour ISP’s Sky Muster Plus is definitely worth getting excited about!

Pre-order Sky Muster Plus today!

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