Top 5 rental tips for moving into a new home!


First-time tenants, especially new families usually have a fair amount of concerns when it comes to moving into a new flat or house.

There are lots of things to consider to make everyday life a bit smoother but here are some things to look out for before making the big move.


Accessibility to public transport

Before moving in, make sure that public transportation such as buses and trams pass by your home. Commuting with public transport close by can save you lots of time and sometimes even money. We’ve all been in the position where we’ve had to grab an Uber because we couldn’t quite make the bus!


Safety precautions

Does the property have the necessary safety precautions such child proof balconies, doors and smoke alarms? This is best checked with the landlord or property manager. Regular safety checks are meant to be conducted on all properties. If you have a young family, it’s not a bad idea to ask when the last one was done. This is usually performed through strata.


Well-maintained interiors

A property with well-maintained interiors means that you don’t have to worry about home repairs. Check for any signs of leaks or cracks; if there are, bring it up to the property manager or landlord for immediate fixing as sometimes, if this is a structural issue, strata may need some time to review.


Provisions for utilities

Check with your property manager what utilities your new home has i.e., water, gas, or / and electricity connections. If the property is separately metered, it may mean you are asked to pay for water which can be quite a hit to the monthly bills. Sometimes you can negotiate this to be included in your rental contact.


Fibre internet connection

If your property has provisions for a fibre internet connection, it’s best to talk to a fibre provider to have you connected. A high-speed connection lets you stream videos and browse favourite websites all you want – in the comfort of your own home. It’s recommended that you find your plan and contact a provider a few weeks before moving so that there is time for a technician to schedule an appointment.


Most providers will be very helpful to ensure they plan your internet starting date ahead of time and that you are only billed from when you move in.

Cheers to having WiFi ready for day #1 of your new home!

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