What you need to know about unmetered content!

Nbn co made the Sky Muster™ Plus service available to the public last month, 9th August. Equipped with faster internet speed and more data allocation, it has got nbn™ users in Regional Australia talking.

However, the question we hear from our customers is; What is it all about? What does unmetered content really mean?

The idea is that the revised service gives users more peace of mind of not running out of data to do important online activities such as e-mails, mobile banking, and web browsing.

Below is the summary of nbn™’s traffic categories and shaping policy:

Name Traffic Category Time of Day Data Allowance Shaping Policy Fair Use Policy
Unmetered Content Basic Web Content Any time N/A Unshaped No excessive automated downloads
Email Any time N/A Unshaped No routine emails larger than 20 MB
Operating System Updates Any time N/A Unshaped* No updates to more than 20 devices per calendar month
Metered Content (Traffic that does not fit categories above) Peak Hours (7:00 am to 1:00 am
next day)
Peak Data Allowance Unshaped then 512/256 kbps if data allowance exceeded No more than 30 GB in excess of data allowance per calendar month
Off-Peak Hours (1:00 am to 7:00 am) Off-Peak Data Allowance Unshaped then 2048/512 kbps if data allowance exceeded No more than 30 GB in excess of data allowance per calendar month


Sky Muster™ Plus gives users the reassurance of constant, unshaped access to essential content even if they exceed their data allowance – perfect for both households and small regional businesses.  Given that some proportion of your network traffic is likely to be categorised as Unmetered Content, a data allowance on Sky Muster Plus™ may represent better value than the same one on Sky Muster™.

Check out the table below to understand how unmetered content can increase the value of your Sky Muster Plus™ Peak Data allowance:

Peak Data Allowance for Sky Muster Plus Plan Your Metered Content Usage on Sky Muster Plus during Peak Hours (75%) Your Unmetered Content Usage on Sky Muster Plus during Peak Hours (25%) Your Total Usage on Sky Muster Plus during Peak Hours (100%) Peak Data Allowance needed for equivalent Sky Muster Plan Effective Allowance Increase
50 GB 50 GB 17 GB 67 GB 67 GB 33%
100 GB 100 GB 33 GB 133 GB 133 GB 33%
150 GB 150 GB 50 GB 200 GB 200 GB 33%


Harbour ISP offers a choice of three plan with peak data allowances and matching off-peak data allowances. To know what plan suits you or your business’ needs, give us call at 1300 366 169 or simply click the link below!

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