Whether you’re sending emails, surfing the web, listening to music, playing games or catching up on your favourite TV shows, Harbour ISP offers a range of plans to enable you to connect to the internet with a plan that meets both your speed and data needs.


Speed and data usage can impact your internet experience; typically the faster the speed, and the more data usage you have, the quicker you can download a video, or upload a file.

Speed refers to how fast the internet can go and data usage is the availability of this speed; when multiple devices are connected and using the same internet connection, at the same time, availability of speed is typically impacted.


When choosing the right plan for your needs, consider the types of activities you’re likely to be using the internet for, as well as how many people and devices (computers, tablets, phones) will be connected to it.

For example, if you’re watching a video online, you’ll typically need 5 to 10 Mbps of download speed to ensure a high quality viewing experience. Slower speeds tend to result in choppy, blurry or paused video.

Data Usage

Data usage is the amount of content transferred to and from your computer, tablet, phone or other device through the internet. The consumption of data usage is not related to the time spent connected to the internet, but rather the time spent surfing, streaming, downloading and uploading. Downloading and/or streaming a movie will use more of your data usage allowance than sending an email.

What kind of plan will work for you?

Basic 12/1: for day to day use
If you’re a small household, with one or two devices connected to the internet at the same time, using the internet for basic day to day use, then a basic package could be for you.

Your typical usage might look like this:

  • Browsing
  • Personal email
  • Online shopping and banking
  • Landline/VoIP phone
  • Social media
  • Some movie and entertainment downloads
  • Some catch up TV (iView, SBS On Demand)

Medium 25/5: for smaller households who watch online TV/movies, stream music and download files regularly or small business

If you use the internet to download and watch movies, watch catch up TV as well as browsing and email, you may want to consider a medium-sized plan or bundle. This type of package may also be more suitable for families or households where multiple gadgets and devices (computers, tablets, phones) will be using the internet connection.

Your typical usage might look like this:

  • Browsing, shopping, email
  • Movie and entertainment downloads
  • Social media
  • Streaming media (Netflix, Presto, Stan, Spotify)
  • Catch up TV (iView, SBS On Demand)
  • Some use of cloud-based applications (Dropbox)
  • Working from home
  • VoIP Video conferencing
  • Online gaming

Heavy 50/20 – 100/40: for larger households and heavy users who need maximum data usage, small to medium businesses

If you have a large household with several people using the internet at the same time, are a movie buff, work from home, or have multiple online gamers in the family, then you might need a large bundle or package to handle your data usage. You might want to consider this size package if you are spend a lot of time watching on-demand TV, streaming movies and online entertainment.

Your typical usage might look like this:

  • Browsing, shopping, email
  • HD movie and entertainment downloads
  • Social media
  • Catch up TV
  • Streaming media (Netflix, Presto, Stan, Spotify)
  • Working from home, sending/receiving large files
  • Reliance on cloud-based applications
  • University/college online courses
  • VoIP/ Video conferencing, webinars
  • Online gaming
  • VPN services