Service Description

The Harbour ISP nbn™ Sky Muster™ Plans are an nbn™ Satellite service with a Peak Information Rate of up to 12/1 or 25/5 Mbps depending on the plan chosen (see table below). These plans have a range of On Peak data allowance from 5 GB to 65 GB and an Off Peak data allowance of 10 GB to 85GB depending on the plan chosen (see table below).

Minimum Term

The minimum term is 30 days.


The offer does not depend on bundling with other services.

Mandatory Components/Set Up

There are no mandatory components.

Inclusions, Exclusions and any Important Conditions, Limitations, Restrictions or Qualifications

A modem, satellite dish and cabling will be provided by nbn co, ownership of the nbn™ satellite equipment remains with nbn co. The equipment will be serviced and maintained by nbn co.

Data Usage is counted in both directions, so if you download 5 GB and upload 5 GB, that’s counted as 10 GB. Your On Peak data allowance may be used at any time. On Peak data will be used during Off Peak hours if you have exceeded your Off Peak data allowance. Your Off Peak data allowance may only be used during Off Peak hours which are defined by nbn co as between 1:00 am and 7:00 am in your local time zone.

If you exceed your On Peak data allowance during a Billing Period, your Peak Information Rate will be reduced to 128/128 kbps for the remainder of that Billing Period (except during Off Peak hours if you have remaining Off Peak data available). If you then increase your Excess Data Usage by placing a continuous load on the service, your Peak Information Rate will be progressively reduced. Harbour ISP does not charge for Excess Data Usage. nbn co considers that 75 GB or more of Data Usage during peak hours in any four week period constitutes a breach of its Fair Use Policy. nbn co considers that 150 GB or more of Data Usage in any four week period (Peak or Off Peak) constitutes a breach of its Fair Use Policy. Certain games and other highly interactive software (e.g. share trading / live-streaming) which require low network latency are known to perform poorly (or not work at all) on satellite broadband services and so Harbour ISP deems the service as provided unsuitable for those purposes. Your maximum throughput will be lower than the given Peak Information Rate for your Plan and can be affected by: Overheads imposed by Ethernet and other protocols you use such as TCP/IP, the Internet server you are accessing, the network between Harbour ISP and the server you are accessing, the network between Harbour ISP and your service, and local factors such as the performance of your computer equipment including your network router and wireless network.

Data Blocks can be purchased at any time to avoid being speed limited by Harbour ISP or to remove speed limiting that is already in effect, subject to nbn co’s Fair Use Policy. Service reductions by nbn co cannot be removed by purchasing Data Blocks.

You may upgrade this plan by requesting a plan change before the end of the billing period subject to nbn co’s Fair Use Policy. The billing period is from the 1st of the month to the end of the month. New plans begin at the commencement of the next month. The plan can be changed to any compatible NBN LTS plan with no additional costs for plan changes.

All Harbour ISP plans are subject to the Harbour ISP Acceptable Use Policy which can be seen on our website

If you wish to share the service between multiple computers, you will require a network router. A router can be purchased separately or through Harbour ISP. A full hardware list can be seen on our website


Minimum & Maximum Monthly Charge

Plans Min & Max Monthly Charge 12/1 Mbps Min & Max Monthly Charge 25/5 Mbps Total Data On Peak GB Data Off Peak GB Data Cost per GB 12/1 plans Cost per GB 25/5 plans
NBN LTS 15 $35.00 $40.00 15 5 10 $2.33 $2.67
NBN LTS 35 $40.00 $45.00 35 15 20 $1.14 $1.29
NBN LTS 65 $45.00 $50.00 65 30 35 $0.69 $0.77
NBN LTS 100 $70.00 $75.00 100 40 60 $0.70 $0.75
NBN LTS 110 $95.00 $100.00 110 50 60 $0.86 $0.91
NBN LTS 125 $145.00 $150.00 125 60 65 $1.16 $1.20
NBN LTS 150 $195.00 $200.00 150 65 85 $1.30 $1.33
BLAST OFF $89.00 $94.00 150 80 70 $0.59 $0.63
ROCKET $150.00 $155.00 150 100 50 $1.00 $1.03
(Education Plan)
Total Anytime Data (GB) 25/5 Cost per GB Router Cost No. routers required
One Student 50 $49 $0.98 $69 1
Two Students 100 $69 $0.69 $138 2
Three Students 150 $89 $0.59 $207 3

PIP (Education) Plan Notes

All services are 25/5 Mbps services.

PIP Education pricing requires each student has a valid Education ID Number. A maximum of three students per household can order a PIP.

A PIP Service is only available to premises with (or ordered along with) an existing nbn™ Sky Muster™ satellite service and have sufficient free modem ports. There are 4 ports on a standard nbn™ Sky Muster™ modem.

All PIP plans are shaped after the allowed data allowance for each service has been used and is subject to the nbn™ Fair Use Policy, however the data allowed within any 4 week rolling period is 50 GB anytime per student. Data usage is calculated in both directions and is managed on a per port/service basis.

Each Sky Muster™ port used requires a router for WiFi and data sharing between users.

Maximum Early Termination Charge

There is no Early Termination Charge if you chose a No Contract option. If you are contracted to Harbour ISP on a 12 month or 24 month contract and you cancel your service you will be charged an Early Termination Charge (ETC) of up to $350 or you will have to pay out the reminder of your contract, whichever is the lesser amount.

The customer may request disconnection of the service at any time in writing, however, Harbour ISP require 30 days written notice to process the termination of the contract. A Pro-rata invoice will be raised to cover any days in the 30 day period which falls after the end of the current billing period.

Manage Your Service Online

Customers can view their bills online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our members portal lets you track your data usage online and change your plan. We will also deliver automated usage alerts by email to your nominated email address as your usage passes 50%, 85% and 100% of your monthly data allowance.


Data & Phone Usage Information

Data & Phone Usage information can be obtained via the members login portal

Customer Service Contact Details

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Complaints and Disputes

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