Harbour ISP General FAQs

  • What is the difference between fibre, fixed wireless and satellite internet?

    The technology that is available at your premise determines the way internet access is delivered to you. Most metro areas are serviced by fibre, while most regional areas are served by satellite, and fixed wireless is available for semi-rural areas. If you’re unsure of which service is available to you, call us on 1300 366 169 and we’ll be able to help.

  • Do I need to sign up to a fixed contract?

    No, we offer services with no lock in contract. We do also offer contracts, and often there’s a financial benefit when you choose to sign up for a 12 or 24 month contract.

  • What if I sign up for a contract and I need to cancel?

    We do allow contract cancellations, you’ll need to complete a contract cancellation form and pay a cancellation fee, depending on the remaining contract period.

  • If I have a home and mobile phone with Harbour ISP as well, will I get billed separately?

    No, the great thing about having your home and mobile phone with Harbour ISP is that we’ll only bill you once for all three services, once a month.

  • Can you direct debit so I don’t have to worry about paying every month?

    Yes, we offer direct debit services. We also offer payments via bank transfer, cheque or money order if that’s easier for you. All payment methods aside from direct debit incurs a $2.50 account keeping fee each month.

  • How quickly can I get my internet service?

    For fibre and fixed wireless, we will send a pre-configured router to you within a week of signing up. Depending on where you are, an nbn technician may need to complete a site visit for you to be up and running. For satellite services, we’ll send you your pre-configured router and will organise for nbn to install your satellite – this usually takes a few weeks.

  • Can I see my usage and billing information when I need to?

    Yes, Harbour ISP offers a self service Customer Portal that contains live usage information updated daily. The portal also contains all of your billing information, such as invoices, which you can download. In addition, we’ll send you an email alert when you’re at 50%, 85% and 100% of your usage.

  • How can I manage my data usage?

    Summary – What is usage?
    For broadband (Fibre, Fixed Wireless, Satellite), usage is the amount of data that you download from (and upload to) the Internet. Almost any time spent online will cause data to be downloaded and uploaded.
    For telephony, usage is the calls you make and the services you consume.
    What does it cost?
    Harbour ISP does not charge excess fees for usage of broadband services.
    If you exceed your monthly allocated data allowance your plan will be slowed to 128/128kbpYou will always receive a flat monthly fee.
    Calls and network features are priced as per the relevant Harbour ISP Phone plan.
    Monitoring your usage
    Your usage can be viewed to provide you with details regarding your current data usage. This usage report updates every 2 hours and can be accessed through your Customer Portal.
    Additionally, Harbour ISP will email you a notification to the email account you nominated as your primary email address when you use 50%, 85% and 100% of your monthly data allowance.
    How do I manage my usage?
    Taking some simple steps will help manage your data usage
    • Disable (or turn off at the power) your routers Wi-Fi when not in use
    • Use a metered connection. This enables you to disable windows updates and provides other ways to manage the usage of your device.
    Click here to see some more helpful tips on managing your data usage
    Typical use – how much data do I need?
    When using your broadband service, different activities can consume data at various rates
    • 1GB = 1000 MB, and 1MB = 1000 KB
    For example:
    • A typical webpage = 1-3 MB – so to use 1GB you could browse approximately 300-1000 pages
    • A typical email = 50KB – so to use 1GB you could send 20,000 emails
    • Music HD song download = 5MB – so to use 1GB you could listen to 200 songs
    • Movie HD download = 3-5GB
    • Streaming music = 100MB per hour, if you were listening to Spotify for 2hrs a day – you would use about 6GB in a month
    • Movie Streaming = 1-3GB per hour depending on quality e.g. SD vs HD, a typical movie on Netflix would therefore use 1.5-4.5GB of data. If you were using Netflix for 3hr a day you would likely use 90-270GB of data
  • Priority Assistance

    Harbour ISP does not provide Priority Assistance services. Telstra is an RSP that does provide Priority Assistance.

Harbour ISP Phone FAQs

  • What is Harbour ISP phone?

    Harbour ISP Phone uses the latest (voice over internet protocol) VoIP technology allowing you to make and receive phone calls over your broadband connection.

    Harbour ISP Phone works in a similar way to a conventional telephone service. You still receive a dial tone and dial phone numbers in the exact same way and other people still call you the same way. The main difference for you is that instead of your telephone being connected to a wall socket, it will be plugged directly into your modem.

    Your calls go from your phone over the internet to the regular phone networks, so you can call people on their mobiles, or at home on a standard phone line and when you do call another Harbour ISP user it’s FREE.

  • Why do I need it?

    1. No line rental
    2. Cheap local, national and international calls
    3. Copper lines will be decommissioned as nbn fibre technology is rolled out

  • How does it save me money?

    Right now, you’re probably paying way too much on your phone bill. Most phone companies charge a connection fee as well as a flag fall for timed calls. You also probably have to pay extra for value-add features such as Caller ID and Call Waiting. Add monthly line rental to this, and your monthly phone bill can add up. With Harbour ISP, there are no connection fees and no flag falls. Local and national calls are either a flat 10c per call, or included for free! Our overseas rates are very inexpensive and some of our plans include 1000 minutes per month of international calls for FREE.

    Every Harbour ISP broadband phone plan includes for FREE the following features you would normally expect to pay for: 3-Way Calling, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Do Not Disturb, Calling Line ID Blocking and Call Return.

  • Can I keep my phone number?

    Yes you can. Harbour ISP will provide you with a phone number for your local area, however we can also port your existing phone number over for an extra charge.

  • Who can I call?

    Just like your current telephone service you can make and receive phone calls to practically any number worldwide. This includes land lines, mobiles, international numbers and selected special service numbers.

  • What is the quality like?

    Great! In fact you will hardly be able to tell the difference. Unlike some other phone providers, our network is based in Australia so your calls do not have to travel overseas and back again. Call quality does depend of the type of broadband service and the speed of your broadband so a faster service will be better. A small delay might be experienced by satellite customers.

  • What about emergency calls?

    Harbour ISP offers full emergency services. When you place a call to 000 your address will show up just like it does now. You can choose to have your number either unlisted or listed in the White Pages, both options are free.

  • Can I get Harbour ISP Phone on satellite?

    Harbour ISP Phone is offered with nbn’s Sky Muster Satellite service. The speeds offered with Sky Muster ensures that a VoIP service is viable and we’ve tested it to ensure it’s reliable.

Harbour ISP Mobile FAQs

  • When will I receive my mobile sim?

    Once your order is placed with Harbour ISP your sim card will be posted to you within 24 hours.

  • How do I activate my sim card?

    To activate your mobile sim please call 1300 366 169 or visit www.harbourisp.com.au/mobile-activate

  • Can I port my current mobile phone number?

    Yes you can, there is no extra cost to port your existing mobile number to Harbour ISP.

  • What network does Harbour ISP use?

    Harbour ISP use Telstra’s 4G and 3G network.

  • “I love Harbour”

    Kristian Terlich, February 2018
    You guys are just so nice! I love Harbour, and I tell everyone. Just a thank you for great service. You guys rock!
  • “Such dedication towards customers”

    Sourav Kakkar, February 2018
    Chris- You have been fantastic. Thanks heaps for all the help over the weekend and today. So rare to see such dedication towards the customer these days. Much appreciated!
  • “Outstanding Customer Service”

    Rodney Cook, 2017
    I'd just like to leave a comment about the outstanding customer service I received from Chris yesterday. I got hooked up to the Sky Muster service and, after about four hours of trying, I couldn't get connected. When I got through to Chris he told me my router needed to be re-configured. He said, although this was not normally part of the service, he would help me. I am a 67 year old man, hard of hearing and not tech savvy but he talked me through the process, and after a few mistakes on my part, we finally got a result. Could you please thank Chris for his patience and perseverance, and his commitment to solving my problem. He is a great asset to your business.
  • "A Pleasant Experience..."

    Frank Egan, 2017
    G'day, yesterday we moved from the old Optus sat to the new Sky Muster service. It was quite a pleasant experience. Harbour ISP organised everything to do with the changeover and the tech guy arrived on time and completed the job (however he did get lost finding us) with no "fuss" or inconvenience to ourselves. A phone call to Harbour ISP got us switched on OK, but I needed another call in the evening to get directions on the new procedure for normal connecting, followed the instructions this morning and everything worked "just fine". The new speed of Sky Muster means that I can now view video for the first time. I would like to thank the support team at Harbour ISP and the NBN for my new service...