Unplanned Network Outages


Multiple Beam NBN Satellite outage

NBN is aware of a potential service outage affecting some Satellite customers due to Severe Weather

Outage Start: 08:47PM, 25th January 2020 (AEDT)

Outage Restored: 08:50PM, 25th January 2020 (AEDT)



Unplanned maintenance in Kaduna Park, VIC

Window Start: 02:00, 30th January 2020 (AEDT)
Window End: 04:00, 30th January 2020 (AEDT



Unplanned maintenance in Wentworth Point, NSW

Window Start: 08:20, 24th January 2020 (AEDT)
Window End: 10:48, 24th January 2020 (AEDT)


Open Networks

No unplanned outages at this time


Planned Network Maintenance Advisories


No planned outages at this time


Planned maintenance in Tannum  Sands, QLD

Window Start: 00:00, 31st January 2020 (AEDT)
Window End: 06:00, 31st January 2020 (AEDT)

Planned maintenance in Megaport, NSW

Window Start: 00:00, 11th February 2020 (AEDT)
Window End: 06:00, 11th February 2020 (AEDT)


Planned maintenance in Eden Beach and Jindale, WA

Window Start: 21:00, 22nd January 2020 (AEDT)
Window End: 04:00, 23rd January 2020 (AEDT)

Open Networks