VoIP Residential Phone Plan
Calls over the internet


Product Description

Harbour ISP Phone uses the latest technology allowing you to make and receive phone calls over your broadband connection. Harbour ISP’s phone systems work in a similar way to a conventional telephone service. You still receive a dial tone and dial phone numbers in the exact same way and other people still call you the same way.

The main difference for you is that instead of your telephone being connected to a wall socket, it will be plugged directly into your NBN modem. Your calls go from your phone over the internet to the regular phone networks, so you can call people on their mobiles, or at home on a standard phone line. Even better – when you call another Harbour ISP user the call is FREE.

Harbour ISP Phone is a VoIP service especially configured for use with Fibre and Fixed Wireless services on the National Broadband Network.

Harbour ISP is proud to offer our customers outstanding value for money compared to other VoIP providers, along with our signature good old fashioned customer service. We believe that once you experience the call quality and savings, you’ll never want to go back. See below for details on VoIP costs with us.

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