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Up to 1100 dwellings in Gulgong will be able to connect to the Fibre to Node network from April.

Gulgong residents will soon be eligible to receive some of the fastest connection speeds in the country when the nbn goes live with its Fibre to the Node technology from April.

Up to 1100 dwellings in Gulgong will be able to connect to the network that provides very fast broadband by running fibre to a neighbourhood node/pillar and from there using the existing copper network to connect to the premises.

It can be faster to deploy because there is no need to replace the entire connection from the exchange to the home or business.

Putting network equipment in the street reduces the distance data needs to travel over copper, allowing very-high speeds to be achieved.

Harbour ISP, founding director Charles Tym said most households can expect speeds of more than 90 megabits per second.

“There has been lots of controversy about fibre to node but in practice it is providing very fast speeds,” Mr Tym said.

“It’s the first time that regional areas have on average faster speeds than city areas. It’s the first time people in rural areas have had access to these speeds … it’s a very exciting time to be in the industry.”

As part of the rollout and additional 100 dwellings will be able to connect to the NBN via Fixed Wireless in the Yarrawonga area from May.

“Fixed wireless mean nbn have put a tower up and if you are within that serviceable footprint they will install a small antenna on your roof, free of charge, and that will receive speeds of 50 megabits per second,” Mr Tym said.
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“The good thing about fixed wireless is that [installation] is a very quick process.”

The following streets are expected to be eligible to receive Fibre to Node: Anderson, Bayly, Belmore, Bligh, Bowman, Broad, Bulga, Bunderra, Cainbil, Caledonian, Canadian, Cooyal, Cope, Fisher, Fitzroy, Grevillea, Gudgeon, Happy Valley, Herbert, Hollingsworth, Homer, Industrial, James, Kaylene, Little Bayly, Little Belmore, Loftus, Lowe, Lynne, Mayne, McDonald, Medley, Moonlight, Nandoura, Prince, Queen, Railway, Reef, Robinson, Rouse, Roy Cross, Saleyards, Scott, Scully, Station, Stott, Stuart, Tallawang, Thomas, Walter, Wattle, Wenonah, White, Wilbetree, Worobil, Wynella, Yaraandoo , Young.

Mudgee is scheduled to receive the Fibre to Node technology later this year.

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