Our customers review Harbour ISP Sky Muster™

When you compare town and country lifestyles, living in rural areas outside of our cities can be isolating. Fortunately, Harbour ISP now brings fast and reliable satellite internet to remote and rural communities. But how much difference does it really make to people’s lives? Well, when we asked our customers if they would review our Harbour ISP Sky Muster™ service, we were overwhelmed by the response. It seems that staying connected through phone and internet can make a real difference to the quality of life.





Reviews from our Sky Muster™ customers

Watch what some real Harbour ISP customers had to say when we asked them to review their Sky Muster™ service.

The Riphagen family

Andre Riphagen and his family live 10-kilometres outside the small rural town of Orange, about 4-hours drive from Sydney. With an on-call job at the local hospital, a teenage daughter and family in Europe, reliable internet is central to their daily lives.

“…they’re always friendly on the phone, there’s no dramas – everything can be done…”

Carolyn and Michael Emeny

Business today requires a fast, reliable internet connection, especially when you communicate with customers and sell your stock online. When you’re a long way out from the next town, or even the neighbouring farms, socialising over the internet can also help people in dispersed communities feel less isolated.

“They’re rural based as well and they understand what we’re going through.”

The Barton Family

Having had satellite internet for more than 20 years, the Bartons find their new Harbour ISP Sky Muster™ service makes it much easier to upload and watch videos – essential for running their business and for keeping the family entertained.

“Harbour ISP’s customer service has been second-to-none.”

How does nbn™ Sky Muster™ work?

Sky Muster allows the internet to be literally beamed down from space via two giant communications satellites, maintaining a constant position in the heavens above Australia. Using world class technology, the 26-metre long, 6,400kg satellites deliver up to 25Mbps download and 5Mbps upload speeds to locations all over mainland Australia and Tasmania. The custom-built receiver dishes (either 80cm or 1.2m in diameter) are made to withstand harsh environments and reconnect automatically if the connection is disrupted by storms.

Data limits have recently been increased, to allow users up to a massive 150GB on-peak and 150GB off-peak per month!

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Sometimes you’ve just got to say something…

“Outstanding Customer Service”

Rodney Cook, 2017
I'd just like to leave a comment about the outstanding customer service I received from Chris yesterday. I got hooked up to the Sky Muster service and, after about four hours of trying, I couldn't get connected. When I got through to Chris he told me my router needed to be re-configured. He said, although this was not normally part of the service, he would help me. I am a 67 year old man, hard of hearing and not tech savvy but he talked me through the process, and after a few mistakes on my part, we finally got a result. Could you please thank Chris for his patience and perseverance, and his commitment to solving my problem. He is a great asset to your business.

"A Pleasant Experience..."

Frank Egan, 2017
G'day, yesterday we moved from the old Optus sat to the new Sky Muster service. It was quite a pleasant experience. Harbour ISP organised everything to do with the changeover and the tech guy arrived on time and completed the job (however he did get lost finding us) with no "fuss" or inconvenience to ourselves. A phone call to Harbour ISP got us switched on OK, but I needed another call in the evening to get directions on the new procedure for normal connecting, followed the instructions this morning and everything worked "just fine". The new speed of Sky Muster means that I can now view video for the first time. I would like to thank the support team at Harbour ISP and the NBN for my new service...

"Excellent service..."

Lynda Fletcher
I would like to personally thank Mandy for all her help. She recognised that we were frustrated Rural Satellite users and was able to give us advice above and beyond on how to best use our off peak data. Excellent service and a credit to Harbour ISP.

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