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Attention all nbn Interim Satellite customers NBN will Be SWITCHING OFF your internet service on the 28th February 2017. You will NOT have a working service after this date.

Skymuster Satellite Service Update RESTORED Incident Notification: Critical (P1) incident INC3622341 affecting Satellite Services Outage Start Time 21/12/16 @ 11:45 Incident Status Service restored at 22/12/16 @ 05:58

If you live in Australia, there is very little chance that you have not heard about the NBN. The reason is simple: The NBN – the National Broadband Network – has been touted as the largest infrastructure project in Australia since the Snowy River Project and in many ways it is just as important (and…

As you are no doubt aware, the existing telecommunications infrastructure which is utilised around the country for phone and data requirements will not be suitable to take us forward into the near future adequately. Thus the Australian Government has committed to the development of the National Broadband Network in order to ensure that as we…

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