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GrainGrowers nbn Harbour ISP

The National Broadband Network (nbn) is up and running and will be offering a new, high-speed internet connection to all Australian homes regardless of where you live. GrainGrowers has been conducting a national roadshow with the nbnTM and retail service providers bringing the message about the nbnTM and creating awareness and providing important information to…

Harbour ISP wish to advise that the nbnTM Sky MusterTM Satellite service is experiencing ongoing service issues for some services. NBN Co are aware of the problem and are investigating. These issues have been identified as (but are not limited to) 1. Activation Delays This is where some services are installed and for some days…

NBN Co reseller Harbour ISP has signed up 1,000 residential and business customers to the satellite service Sky Muster. NBN Co launched the satellite back in October with a second satellite scheduled for later this year. Sky Muster brings high-speed broadband access to regional Australians who aren’t eligible for a physical NBN™ connection.

nbn satellite at Gayndah

A new nbn Satellite Service is promising to deliver faster broadband speeds of up to 25Mbps for the Gayndah region. People in the country are sometimes the last to get new technology however, when customer activations begin in late April, over 400,000 remote Australian families will have access to super-fast satellite broadband services thanks to…

Blackall-Tambo QLD

On Wednesday 16 March ‘The Sat Man’ Geoff Anson came to Blackall to discuss the launch of the brand new nbn Sky Muster satellite. The satellite took Palo Alto based company SSL three years to build, including testing for extreme heat and cold. Mr Anson is touring through Queensland speaking with media outlets about the…

COUNTRY people are often the last to get access to new technology, but they will be in front of the game when the NBN Sky Muster Satellite Service begins activating customers in late April, more than 400,000 families in remote areas will have access to superfast satellite broadband services delivering speeds of up to 25Mbps….

NBN Sky Muster to Address the Digital Divide

The concept of living “the Outback” life is wonderful; spectacular natural scenery, friendly people, away from the rat race. However, life in the Aussie bush can be hard; if the isolation, droughts, fire and floods are not enough we have to put up with truly horrible internet. Most Australians do not realise how disadvantaged the…

NBN’s new Sky Muster satellite broadband offers outback users more horsepower. Australians in the outback are set to get a taste of high-speed broadband which is still out of reach for many city slickers. NBN’s Sky Muster communications satellite blasted into orbit in October, with plans to launch a second satellite later this year. Between…

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